For my birthday back in February, my younger sister bought me the Yes To Blueberries shampoo and conditioner so I thought I’d review them for you. I’ve just finished them both and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. My issue with natural shampoos in the past has been they just don’t completely clean my hair. This shampoo contains 98% natural ingredients and the conditioner contains 97% natural ingredients. The Yes To website says this about the Yes To Blueberries Shampoo.

Say Yes To naturally smooth hair. Formulated with Blueberries to protect hair with its anti-oxidant superpowers and Kale Leaf Extract, a nutrient rich extract that soothes frizzy hair, the Yes to Blueberries Smooth & Shine Shampoo will keep your wild tresses looking healthy and shiny.

I have to say my hair did indeed feel less frizzy and shinier, however, it has to be said I’ve also been using this in conjunction with a new hairbrush that my sister also bought me as part of my birthday present so that may well be helping too. None the less though, my hair did feel nice using these, and I was recently complimented by my neighbor that my hair was looking really good. My hair has a mind of its own so this is quite a compliment for me.

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The shampoo also effectively cleaned my hair, but only if I used more shampoo than I would use if I wasn’t using a natural-based shampoo. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the norm for natural shampoos because they don’t foam up as well. If your hair is prone to grease you will need to use more shampoo or repeat twice. It kinda sucks, but it’s the reality I’ve come to realise I need to embrace if I want to continue using natural shampoos.  The conditioner worked perfectly fine to remove tangles.

They are priced at £4.99 each at Boots (at the time of writing this), which for a cruelty-free and almost completely natural product is reasonable I feel.

Overall Thought: I like them, but I don’t love them.
Score: 7/10
Would I Recommend: Yes
Bonus Points: High content of natural ingredients, free from parabens and other nasties. Products aren’t tested on animals.
Anything Else To Bare in Mind: They do contain some ingredients that aren’t natural, so if you’re looking to avoid something in particular do read the label of ingredients.


If you know of any natural and cruelty-free shampoos under a fiver then do let me know, I’m still on the hunt for a shampoo to fall in love with x

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  1. I don’t care much about the natural part, as I’ve already overloaded myself with chemicals throughout the years, but I will use anything that helps with frizz. Curly hair really does do whatever it wants.

  2. I might have to give these a try! I love natural hair products. I just don’t like to wash my hair very often, and natural products don’t clean as well as … non-natural? lol

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