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This year I’ve started back running again after 6 months. I have to say I’m loving it. It’s hard going, I’m out of breath easily, but it’s my time. As I run I say positive mantras and it’s like a form of meditation. Sometimes all I think about is “wow this is so hard” as I pant and struggle on, but every now and then I find I switch off and get lost in it all. I feel connected, I feel alive and in complete zen. After the run, I have those feel-good endorphins. I love that feeling of getting in the warm after a bitter cold run. I love being out in nature. It’s calming if you take the time to really look at it whilst you run, you can get lost in the beauty of it all.

Running may not be the best way to get in shape, but it’s great for the mind. This year my focus is much more on being mentally and emotionally fit. It’s not about being the best runner, it’s just about feeling good. I know I could get better results from HIIT, but this I enjoy much more, and isn’t that the point? Life is supposed to be fun. We are meant to be happy. Aren’t results just worthless if we are miserable? I went through a time where I loved HIIT and I hope that love will come back, but right now running is my zen.


I usually only get out once a week for a run, it’s all I can work in around the kids. Nonetheless, it’s utter bliss. Not because it’s always easy, in fact, it’s never easy. It’s just that feeling of pride that I’d made it a priority to take some time out. Sometimes it feels impossible when you have responsibilities to take time out, but I’ve realised I’m a better wife, Mum, and friend when I do.

Kirsty xx


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