When it comes to using body moisturiser I have to admit I’m pretty rubbish. I love the idea of having silky soft skin, but I hate the faff of it. Standing around half-naked waiting for it to absorb, just so you can put your clothes on just doesn’t appeal to me (especially since I always tend to be in a rush). ย Don’t get me wrong I do use body moisturiser at times, but it tends to be few and far between. I spend my days running around after the kids, mainly picking up jigsaw pieces so my beauty regime tends to be something on the lazy side.

sanctuary spa wet skin moisture miracle and jigsaw

I was offered some Sanctuary Spa products when I was at the Lemur Landings soft play media launch from the lovely Joanne. Of all the places to get beauty samples from I never thought a soft place would be one, but hey who am I to argue? Joanne is working on the #LetGo campaign with Sanctuary Spa so she kindly gave me four samples of the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle.

Now when I personally buy products I would generally go for something more on the natural side, but when it’s gifted to me as long as it’s not tested on animals (and it isn’t) I’ll give it a bash. I mean who am I to turn my nose up at a freebie?

The thing I was excited to find out, was could I seriously apply it straight to wet skin? It all sounded a bit of a gimmick to me. I mean, I really don’t wanna be a slippery mess after just having a wash. That’s possibly worse than standing around half-naked waiting for the cream to absorb.

sanctuary spa #let go campaign

sanctuary spa #let go talk to mums campaign for wet skin moisture miracle

Oh my gosh, it actually works. You have a shower then apply it to your wet skin and it absorbs. No more standing around stark naked waiting for your moisturiser to sink in (for what feels like yonks) when you’re freezing your naked butt off. I mean game changer or what? Seriously impressed and FYI this was just a gift from Joanne, I’m under no obligation to talk about it. I just wanted to because I was really impressed. It’s so nice to have moisturised skin.

Smell wise it’s fresh and feminine (am I allowed to say that these days?), well let’s just say my hubby wouldn’t wanna wear it, but I love the smell. All in all, I think it’s fab.





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  1. This sounds like the perfect product for busy mummies! I never have time to moisturise separately, so I need to pick myself up some of this ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I really love Sanctuary Spa products, will be adding this to my basket next time I am in Boots. My skin needs some moisture right now x

  3. I have seen this on social media a lot recently and everyone has been saying how good it is. I think I’m going to have to buy some now! x

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