Scholarships 1
Allowing yourself to be financially supported and to receive is a radical act of self-love

I know we’ve been conditioned to think it’s bad, but it’s not. That’s society’s conditioning. In fact, allowing yourself to receive is a radical act of love as we can’t pour from an empty well. 

It is my great honor to now open up scholarship applications for #TheMoreMembership

If you desire to be in my membership, a membership that’s really about emotional wellbeing then submit your application for a scholarship. It’s a space where you get to be fully human and tap into your soul’s magick. The woo and the real human feels. You’ll learn about practical tools to help you navigate whatever is coming up for you in your life, but mostly it’s about you trusting yourself. You feeling deeply empowered and grounded from within. You can read more about it by clicking here. 


Scholarships are open to anyone that identifies as a woman that isn’t in a position to financially pay for the membership or who could but not without stretching themselves in a way that would cause stress. Putting yourself in survival mode whether it’s financially or emotionally is not the vibe here. There are no prizes for that. Whether you’re applying for a scholarship because you literally don’t have the funds to pay for it or because emotionally you struggle to trust investing in yourself will pay off, that’s okay. Apply because here we build trust and you’ll realise you’re a safe investment and so if a scholarship feels supportive right now then I’d encourage you to apply. There is no shame in that. I’d love to see your application.

Applying: Before you apply I ask for only one thing. I ask that you do this one thing for yourself, for me, and for the community and that is that you check my work resonates with you. This ensures that everyone who’s in the membership aligns with it and that makes it a great experience for everyone, not to mention yourself. That something about it (even if you don’t know why), but something about it resonates, pulls, or calls you. I ask that you do this because your time and my time are valuable. See, this isn’t for everyone and that’s why it’s so potent. That’s exactly why it works and nourishes in the way it does because it’s medicine on a soul level to those on that frequency. If you aren’t on that frequency then it’s not gonna resonate with you because your medicine is different.  The work of our soul is to find and trust what actually resonates with us. See all of us are wildly capable, but because we often don’t trust what we feel pulled to and often we don’t trust ourselves then we don’t often feel that. The point being here is you need to feel a pull to this work or it’s not for you (maybe it will be at a later date). This is something that calls you (which if you reading this, that’s no coincidence, it therefore probably does, even if you don’t know why and it makes no logical sense – that’s often the case). So do check this work resonates with you. To do this is very simple. All I ask is that you familiarise yourself with my style of teaching before applying. I teach in a very non-traditional way which isn’t for everyone. The best way to do this is to listen to my podcast and to be in the Woo Wise Women (Woman) free Facebook community where there is a bunch of live videos in there.  Plus I go live every week. From watching a live video of mine or two you’ll soon know if you wanna work with me more. Please don’t apply if you haven’t watched anything of mine before. JOIN THE GROUP HERE> Woo Wise Women (Woman). 

Okay so you’ve watched and listened to some of my work (or a lot) and you wanna apply for a scholarship. Yay. Submit your application via email and by answering the following questions in the email. 

Email address to submit your application: (put scholarship as the subject). 
In the email answer these questions:

1) Who you are and a bit about you and your Facebook profile name – don’t worry I won’t be stalking you or friend requesting you (your personal life is yours), this is purely so I can see you’re an actual human and not a spammer or scammer as the membership is on Facebook and so you’ll join via your Facebook profile. 
2) Where you’re from and how you found out about my work.   
3) Your why. Why you’d like a scholarship? How it would support you? Why you’re applying (what resonated/ pulled you to apply)? Finally, how ready you are to do this work?

That’s it.

If your application has been successful you’ll be notified within 7 days via the email you submitted your application from so keep an eye out for it. Please note DM’s on Instagram etc asking for scholarships will be ignored as well as ones where the questions haven’t been answered. You are however welcome to comment or DM me on Instagram or my Facebook fan page to let me know you’ve applied (encouraged actually) so I can check, as occasionally they may go into my spam folder and if I know you’d applied then I’ll go check. If you don’t hear back after 7 days then you’ve unfortunately not been successful this time, but you are encouraged to apply again after 3 months.