Despite doing really well on last month’s goals I didn’t feel really amazing for it. Sure, I was chuffed and all, but have you ever achieved something and felt really proud of yourself? Well, that’s how you should feel when you complete a goal.

With the exception of feeling happy that I’m starting to get into shape again, the rest were just great mindful goals and perhaps necessary but they didn’t exactly light me up.

Whilst goals should be mindful and take into consideration your current circumstances they should also make you feel excited. Last month I ticked off the mindful part, but I forget about the soulful part. So whilst on holiday last month I had a lot of time to reflect in the sun and I really thought about my November goals.

Anyhoo, I’ve decided I’m going back to my good old Desire Map style of goal setting. This makes me excited, I don’t know why I ever stopped! For anyone who doesn’t know the Desire Map is a book by Danielle Laporte where you set goals based on how you want to feel.

Rather than ticking off a to-do goal list based on external things you go inwards and choose goals that really excite you.  Goals that make you feel how you wanna feel just thinking about them.

So I’ve got clear on how I want to feel and have now chosen goals that I feel so excited and joyous about. Eek.

November Goals:

1) Start On Wellness Book/Course

I really want to bring out a wellness book or course. Failing that, just something that can bring together everything I’ve learnt about wellness and being happy, but I’ve always felt I can’t as I’m not ‘there’ yet.

Recently I watched a Marie Forleo YouTube video and she asked “what would you do if you weren’t afraid” and this is what came to mind. I feel so excited and I’ve realised I don’t have to be ‘there’ yet. I don’t even have to commit or bring anything out, but I should definitely make a start on this project and see where it takes me when it’s what I really wanna do.

I won’t know until I get started if this is something I really wanna pursue but right now it’s making me so excited thinking about it.  So I’m putting aside any fear about not having the skills, knowledge or time. It’s time to figure out what I don’t know and make it a priority.

Never turn your back on what you really wanna do, if you do then you’ll never know.

Goal 2) Start Saving To Go Self-Hosted

I’ve been quite open about setting myself the goal to have my blog as my full-time career by September 2018.

To do that I really need to have a blog upgrade and go self-hosted but I’ve been putting it off due to cost and not feeling like I know what I’m doing.

So, no more excuses, this month I’m going to start putting money aside for it and I plan to be self-hosted by January 2018 at the latest. It all feels very exciting but scary.  It’s time to take the blogging leap.

Goal 3) Work On Getting Some Abs

I know this is so superficial, but getting into shape makes me feel so much better about myself and I’ve always had a bit of a girl crush on those women who have a little tummy definition. I desire abs. Vain perhaps but I can’t even deny it.

So I’m gonna keep trying to improve my nutrition. I’m thinking of joining the gym too. I know this one isn’t gonna happen overnight but I love the idea of working on something I’ve always wanted. I’ve been lusting after abs for a while now. Pass the kale.

Goal 4) Get Back Into YouTube

I had a break from YouTube for ages, then I started up again and then stopped again last month due to the move and going on holiday.

The thing is I don’t wanna put pressure on myself with YouTube but deep down I know I’m more passionate about YouTube than blogging so I know I need to focus more attention there.

Truthfully I’m just not that confident I’m any good at YouTube, but I have so much passion and desire for YouTube I need to stop letting fear get in the way and start creating more videos.


I want to start doing monthly favourites on my channel as I love watching and doing them. It’s something I did in the past but quite early on as they were a bit of a flop. I need to give myself more time to master the skills of video and give myself time for my channel to take off. Going back to the question “what would you do if you weren’t afraid”, then in the case of YouTube I’d start making monthly favourites.

I’d do other things too, but this kind of video I really want to be a monthly feature but I have let the fear of it being a complete flop again stop me.

I’d also vlogged our holiday in Gran Canaria so I’d like to get that edited and posted. Lastly, I’d like to make a little vlog of my new hometown of Dorchester.

Goal 5) Get Back On The Road

I’ve had my licence for 7 years but I can’t remember the last time I drove. I think I may have driven once this year but I haven’t driven properly for years and I’ve never been confident.

Over the years it’s just got worse and worse and now my driving has been completely non-existent for quite some time.

Now we are practically living in the middle of nowhere I need to drive and more importantly, I want to drive. I’ve always wanted to drive, but I’ve just been too scared to and over the years the fear just got worse and worse.

This month I plan to get back on the road. I’m so nervous about it so wish me luck. This is without a doubt a scary arse goal for me.

If you have November goals then loads of luck with them 🙂 x


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