Calling my soul sisters, the women who desire for a community who just gets them, those who wanna heal past sisterhood wounds, deepen friendships and connection. CALLING ALL THE WOMEN WHO LIKE ME, WANNA SEE WOMEN RISE TOGETHER, HEAL TOGETHER & SHINE TOGETHER. Collaboration over competition. Sisters, witches, feminists, intuitives, doulas, healers, women, starseeds, and anyone who feels the call ALL joining forces.

Where women work, play & create together. It’s an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

It has the power to change, heal and transform.

Introducing THE #SisterSisterSisterhoodMOVEMENT
Where one sister connects with another to create sisterhood and we ripple it out until we have an ocean of incredible women claiming their power and seeing their worth!
Where regardless of your age, race, or sexuality, if you identify as a woman AND you wanna see other women rise into their power then we invite you to join us. WE’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU. In fact, we need you. More than that, we want you.
We cannot do it all on our own. Not because we aren’t capable, but because we’ve proved just how capable we are & yet, it’s not working for us.  It doesn’t feel so good doing it alone. It’s lonely and hard. Inside a loving community is where we belong. It’s where we have always belonged but we were taught to compete, compare and tear each other down and that’s why we’ve been in so much pain. The sisterhood wound is mighty. It’s time to heal it.
To love ourselves and each other.
So what is this movement?
It’s a time to heal, repair, root, rise, and bloom together. Shine together.

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How’s it work?
It’s very simple. You do the inner and outer work. You work on healing your own inner stuff. You notice where you feel less than and where you get into a lack mentality with other women and you start unraveling that. You pay attention to where comparison, jealously and activation comes up for you and instead of shaming yourself, you give yourself grace and compassion (it’s what we were taught to do) and you work to heal it without being mean to yourself.
You notice when the she’s too much/judgment energy comes up for you and you work to heal it. Simultaneously you actively help other women to shine because she is not your competition. That’s a myth, that’s the lie we bought. No, when you stop letting the fear of not enough to go around win, you’ll see, there is and was always plenty. There is more than enough to go around (and yes, that’s certainly not the experience for many. That’s why this matters because we can create change here, we can’t undo the past but we can sure as hell do a lot from where we are to create lasting change) but when we are unwilling to be brave,  to get it ‘wrong’ and so we don’t step out our comfort zone into unknown charters of our coming together, to create those waves, we never truly experience that level of untapped affluence for ourselves and for the world that is calling us. It’s time to experience it.
Let’s see women get radically WILDY WEALTHY in all the ways!
How can I get involved?
Follow & use the hashtag #SisterSisterSisterhoodMovement (if it feels good, you can also tag me too @KirstyDeeShares on IG when you do – I’ll be sharing things) whenever you see another woman/women doing incredible things and so you shout about it. Give her some love and support. Tell us about it. Tell your soul sisters, your girlfriends. Join forces with other women. Celebrate them hard. Allow yourself to be supported too. Take up space, hold space for other women to do the same. See her as the empowered badass woman she is, she doesn’t need fixing, nor do you. Create sisterhood circles, go to them too. Do it your way, in a way that honors you but actively and genuinely make a commitment to do the inner and outer work. It makes all the difference. Your life will be better for it! If you run a business, collab with other women. Learn to trust others and most importantly yourself. Create genuine relationships, not unconscious transactional ones. You go first. Have discernment and follow your intuition. Let’s heal this sisterhood wound. THE SISTERHOOD WOUND RUNS DEEP
When is this?
This is a movement. It’s forever ongoing work. I originally was going to do a free series, but I realised that does not do this justice! We cannot just do this for a week or two. Or even a month! This is not some quick thing, these are relationships. This is the community, so this is a movement that I hope with your help, to get thousands of women involved in. Doing the work to create a radical shift HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES. I’m ALL IN coz I dunno about you but I wanna see other women win and if I don’t see it happening I create it, hence the birthing of this movement.
How can I support this/be involved?
Follow the hashtag #SisterSisterSisterhoodMovement and use it, genuinely. Not for self-promotion but as an authentic “I wanna celebrate, be part of this and support this/these badass women and be part of a real empowering sisterhood movement.” Feel free to use any of the graphics here on this page and share them to help me in spreading this movement far and wide. I’ll be interviewing incredible women on Instagram as part of this movement so follow the hashtag to be involved and show your support to them. If you know someone who’d be a good fit then do tell them to get in touch.
 I’m also available for interviews etc to discuss this movement. I’m also going to be doing various things/ collaborations/interviews with other women too where they’ll be sharing their magic on their creative genius so do get involved with those – these women are incredible. We’ll also discuss sisterhood (of course), friendship, healing, emotions, the messiness of life, whatever their thing is. I’ll be sharing these details on my social media, updating this page/and or creating a page to share these things and of course, you’ll be able to see it all by following the hashtag #SisterSisterSisterhoodMovement as we go! As I say, it’s a movement, it’s very new right now, literally just birthed it so it will be ever-evolving. This is simply the beginning.
So I call you, soul sisters, to join me and to invite your girlfriends. Let’s have a party in the name of sisterhood!

Be a woman that champions other women.

Let’s do this, with so much love,
Kirsty xxx
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