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I’ve been struggling to feel positive this week. I can’t complain, last week I felt on an absolute high and had been feeling great.

This week though, urge. It’s been hard. Hard not having my own home. We are currently living with family and it’s great. Really great. We are so blessed but despite that this week I’ve really found it hard to not have my own home.

I’m really into wellness I know only too well that my environment has a massive impact on my mood.

I crave my own little wellness sanctuary back. I miss having my own decor and style. Somewhere that feels like mine. I’ve finally got my own little desk area again and this makes me so happy.

happiness desk and vision board

In July we’ll have our own lovely flat and all the work will be done. I really can’t wait. I’ve already started looking at kitchens and having a good browse on LionsHome for inspiration.

Bright rooms lift my mood. I really struggle with dark rooms and not just because they suck for Instagram snaps, but I just find them really depressing.

The way your home is styled, decorated and kept makes a massive difference to how you feel. There is that saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe” and it’s so true, but I think it’s fair to say your home vibe affects your internal vibe period. I mean if you don’t feel good at home, where on earth will you feel good?

I don’t think that means you have to splash out on anything luxurious or have your home a certain way but it does mean you should create your home intentionally.

With intentionally creating my home for happiness in mind, I’ve decided to go for a white kitchen. I really like these white kitchens here from LionsHome. I want a white kitchen because it’s bright and as I said bright rooms lift my mood. White also looks clean and fresh and has that minimalist vibe to it. A vibe that I happen to really dig. Less is more.

The room photoed below is currently used as a shared bedroom and will become our kitchen. It’s actually the smallest room in the flat and as you can see needs quite a lot of work doing, but it’s the most practical room of the whole flat to become our kitchen. Therefore with it being the smallest room, it’s even more important to decorate and style it accordingly.

bedroom before

bedroom to kitchen makeover

To make this room dark would make it look even smaller hence why I’m going for a white kitchen. Having white decor feels fresh, clean and calming. I just find it has a positive vibe to it.

I plan to add a splash of colour with a few rose gold decorative pieces and appliances. I’m just really digging that look at the mo and any vibe you’re digging is something you really should have in your home.

I really believe you should style your home for happiness. Sometimes that just means having a sort out and a spring clean or a bit of rearranging, but if you are decorating like us then it’s definitely time to think about how colours and style affect your mood.

Right, I’m off to choose my kitchen eek. Too excited, but trying to play it cool. Check me out adulting over here choosing kitchens. I’ll shut up now, but eek again.

Have a great week,

Kirsty xx

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. As always all opinions are my own.

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