Switching To Natural Cruelty Free Makeup

100%-pure-products and going cruelty free

I’m been into natural skincare for some time now, knowing how bad a lot of the ingredients are for us in the run-of-the-mill skincare.

Makeup is, however, something I’ve been a bit slow to make the transition with. Not because I don’t think it matters, just because I’ve used a few natural makeup products in the past and they’ve been rubbish.

Now I’m really into using natural stuff, but even I draw the line at using products that suck just because they are natural especially when they are pricey.

However, what’s even more important to me is that it’s cruelty-free. I’m girlie and I love some nice makeup, but not at the cost of lining the pockets of those who have animals in labs for the sake of vanity. I like to look nice, but you vote with your wallet and that’s where I draw the line.

I can’t deny I have makeup items that probably aren’t cruelty-free, in the past I hadn’t even thought about it. Now I do and going forward I’m making the switch. No longer will I contribute to animals suffering because I want a nice mascara or lippy.

There are so many great cruelty-free brands that I can’t find one good reason not to be cruelty-free. My current favourite cruelty-free brands are NYR, 100% Pure, and PHB Ethical Beauty.Β 

Check labels and make the switch. What you do makes all the difference. Every time you spend money on products that aren’t cruelty-free you might as well vote for cruelty-free practices to stay. I’ll say it again, you vote with your wallet.

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