The 7 Day Vlog Challenge

youtube one week vlog challenge

I love supporting the YouTube community and being a YouTuber, so I’ve put together a 7 Day Vlogging Challenge that of course, I’ll be doing too. There are lots of vlogging challenges from YouTober to Vlogmas, but they all seem to be a month duration. This is a long time if your new to vlogging, […]

Nobody Told Me This Would Happen When I Started YouTube

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I started taking YouTube seriously back in July 2016 and uploading one video a week. There is a lot of advice out there for budding YouTubers, vloggers, and video creators, but there are some things nobody told me would happen. 25  Things That Nobody Told Me Would Happen When I Started YouTube: I started off […]

I Know Nothing 😂

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I’ve made all different kinds of videos since starting my YouTube channel, mainly around lifestyle. I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning. My least favourite video that I personally think is rubbish, is proving rather popular. I think the content is good but the way it’s delivered I think is rather dull and the […]

My 1st YouTube Milestone

youube 100 suscribers

Last week I made my 1st milestone on YouTube of 100 subscribers. It may not seem much, but to me, it’s a lot. I love YouTube and to have my own following on my channel would be the dream. I’m really starting to learn the kind of channel I want to have and create my […]