I love supporting the YouTube community and being a YouTuber, so I’ve put together a 7 Day Vlogging Challenge that of course, I’ll be doing too. There are lots of vlogging challenges from YouTober to Vlogmas, but they all seem to be a month duration. This is a long time if your new to vlogging, have a busy month, or just feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to record a vlog and edit a video every day for a whole month.

So I’ve created the 7 Day Vlog Challenge to fill the gap between random uploading and monthly vlogging challenges. Where you can be part of a community to support each other and given optional topics so you never run out of things to film or talk about. If you’re not used to vlogging daily then a week is enough of a challenge, but not so long it feels unachievable.

Full Details

Start Date: 3rd of May 2017

How To Join In: post a photo on Instagram or make a tweet on Twitter using the hashtag #KDvlogchallenge saying you’re doing the 7 Day Vlog Challenge with Kirsty Dee. Or if the mood takes you do both. I’ll be following the hashtag, but feel free to tag me in your Instagram and Twitter posts too (@KirstyDeeShares). You’re also welcome to use the image below with the topics on if you wish too.

Two Easy Steps To Be Part of The Community:

  1. If you’re in the UK then join the Facebook group here (if your outside the UK contact me). There you’ll be able to chat to others taking part, ask questions, click ‘going’ on the group event for updates and ask questions. You’ll also be able to get involved in the optional daily threads that will be running whilst the challenge is on. As well as be able to see who else is involved and their YouTube channel. (updated: I no longer run this group).
  2. Get involved in the hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Use #KDvlogchallenge as well as the daily hashtags below for the day’s topic:

THE 7 DAY vlog new hashtags


How it Works:

Every day between the 3rd of May to the 9th of May you upload a vlog to your YouTube Channel. The vlog can be from that day, the day before or even two days before. Use the daily topics as prompts for inspiration and get involved in the community by following the hashtags and being active in the group. Lastly, have fun, don’t get hung up on having a perfect vlog or having the best vlogging and editing ability. This is simply a way of learning new skills, being part of a community and finding your own vlogging style, or merely seeing if vlogging is for you☺

PS if you don’t like a topic then feel free to think outside the box with it and be creative. Put your own spin on it or simply dismiss the topic for that day, it’s much more about getting more confident with vlogging than anything else.

If you want to watch my vlogs then do head over to my channel.


Kirsty xx

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