The saying “the best things in life are free” is so true. It’s not just a duet with Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson, but real happiness comes from so much more than stuff, status, and wealth. It’s within.  There is nothing wrong with wanting external things or wanting to be financially free. In fact, it makes life a lot less stressful and worrying when you don’t have to live from payday to payday, so wanting to manifest wealth makes complete sense. Yet becoming financially free won’t create lasting happiness. The stuff that really makes us happy is free. Real joy is priceless.

Here are 50 free things I’m so grateful of:

1) Family

2) Friends

3) Love

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4) Treasured moments

5) My ability to walk, talk, see, hear and taste

6) Nature walks

7) Beach days

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8) To have people who care and listen

9) Free education for my children

10) The NHS

11) Life

12) Quality time spent with loved ones

13) Nature

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14) Hugs

15) Laughter

16) Reading (Library)

17) People that light me up

18) Soulful conversations

19) Comfort

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20) Support

21) Optimism

22) Intuition

23) Good neighbors

24) Random acts of kindness

25) Manners

26) Smiles

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27) Sleep

28) Dreams

29) Days out that cost nothing

30) Good weather

31) Seizing the day

32) When things go to plan

33) Seeing the beauty in the everyday things

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34) Good advise

35) Good communication

36) Peace

37) Acceptance

38) Solutions

39) Self-belief/confidence

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40) Happy times

41) Seeing the positives

42) Volunteers & lightworkers

43) Community

44) Understanding

45)  Teamwork

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46) Authenticity

47) Time

48) Freebies

49) Ideas

50) Kept promises & Trust

Bonus) When some of the above come together 💖

PS I appreciate some of the above is technically not free if you account for taxes but I’d like to hope you know where I’m going with this 😊

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