First off, I apologise that this last minimalism game post is so late. I’ve had serious tech issues and to be frank, I’ve been somewhat stressed about it. Or in short, I’m just a terrible blogger that’s not very organised. I salute these daily bloggers.

Now the final week if I’m honest was bitter-sweet. It was good because it forced me to get rid of a load of crap in my house. Stuff that I’d been meaning to sort out for god only knows how long. Getting rid of clutter is so therapeutic and having more space makes me feel much happier.  I really don’t know why I avoid doing these jobs, but I do.  There always seems to be other things to do and usually, they are either more of a priority or simply just way more appealing. I guess you have to prioritise and taking part in this minimalism game made me do just that.

I have to say I found the last week very stressful. Not the getting rid of stuff, I have plenty of things that I need/want to get rid of. I thought that would be the hardest part having enough stuff I wanted to get rid of to make it to the end of the challenge, but for me, that was the easy part. In fact, I felt quite shocked at how much I was still hoarding considering I’d fell into minimalism a while ago and loved it. There is one thing to shop more mindful like a minimalist and to have less stuff out, but it’s another level actually decluttering under beds, cupboards, drawers, and the kid’s room eek. That takes it to a whole new level. A level I wasn’t quite prepared for and felt completely overwhelmed about. That’s where I became a bit stressed as it became something I had to do every day. I think if I’d gone at my own pace I’d of found it more rewarding to see myself clearing more space, but because it felt like I had to do it even if I felt tired or that I have a million and one other things to do it felt a bit stressful at times. That being said, had I not felt like I had to do it I wouldn’t have lasted long on the challenge and so I’m grateful for it. In fact, I’d totally forgot, but I started this challenge years ago,  but I didn’t know it was a minimalism thing then. I just thought it was a fun way of decluttering your stuff that I’d seen being shared around on Facebook.

Now for a confession, I cheated. I gave up two days before the end. Now I still got rid of 496 items, well actually that’s a lie. I don’t actually know how many items I got rid of as I didn’t count them, but some days I got rid of well over double the number of items I needed too.  If I had to guess I would say I beat my target easily.

I gave up simply because it started to feel stressful and minimalism is supposed to be about making a life that’s not about stuff and towards the end, it became about stuff. Only instead of being about how much stuff I had, it was about how much stuff could I not have. Either way, it still became about stuff. My minimalism journey is much more about making life not about stuff and feeling lighter.  Living in an environment that’s calmer, less cluttered, and being surrounded by items I truly need or that make me happy. It’s about ending the hoarding or lack/constant wanting mentality. It’s about being content and then some. It’s about giving away the excess that I don’t need nor gives me joy. It’s about having less stuff to clean and much less to tidy. Minimalism is something I love and I’m so glad I did this challenge as it got my butt into action and I finally got rid of loads of stuff that I’d been putting of sorting.


Can I say all areas of my house are completely clutter-free? No. I still have areas to work on and I’ll continue to because life feels better and less overwhelming with less crap lying around. But I’m so grateful for everything minimalism has taught me. I use to have a real narrow-minded view of what minimalism was and now I simply see it as creating space and time for the best things in life.

The best thing about the challenge is having to take a photo every day made me accountable. If I’m honest with myself, have I not be blogging about it I reckon I would have thought I can’t be arsed with this by day 5 and then complained about all the clutter and mess in my house. Being accountable works for me.

So without further ado, here’s what my final week looked like. Well, day 22 to 28 (as I say I gave up a bit early).

Day 22: a load of socks with holes in, odd socks, and odd gloves that have been in a bag forever awaiting to become reunited with their other half. Sometimes I have to accept their partner in crime is long gone. This was a day when I actually had way more than 22 items, but I was tired so counted 22 for the sake of the photo….as you do!

Day 23: A shed load of DVD’S that aren’t watched or scratched. Gave away or charity shopped what was suitable and binned the rest. Again way more than 23 days worth.

Day 24- 27: Mainly loads of kid’s toys that are no longer played with. I was so proud of myself for this one as if you read my minimalism week 2 and 3 post, you’ll know I was struggling with this. The kids actually got involved and it was a really refreshing experience and I feel so much happier and less stressed about all the toys everywhere. What’s more, the kids are happier too as they can find their toys as there is now enough space for everything to be organised. We just did a bit each day over 4 days and it felt so good. The majority has now been re-homed, but I have to admit I do still have a few bits to either sell or give away. However I’m really pleased as on day 27 I don’t know how well you can tell on the photo, but that blue tub is huge and I reckon there was a good 50 items in there so the fact that most of this stuff is gone is massive progress.

Day 28: 3 bags full of clothes my son has grown out of given to a friend. Again I reckon they are probably double the number of items I needed to of got rid of for that day.

So as you can see I left the challenge early and normally I’d be annoyed without myself for getting so close to finishing and giving up, but I’m not. I got rid of probably way more items than I needed too and doing this was never about the number of items, but having a cleaner, tidier, happier, and more organised environment.  This challenge has been amazing and eye-opening, but sometimes when something stops nourishing your soul it’s a good time to walk away with your head held high and that’s what I did.

If you do this challenge, which I’d highly recommend you do then loads of luck,

Kirsty xx


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  1. Iv been following your minimalist blog and I have found it has really helped me to let go! I had brand new cloths, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, books mounting up in my hallway! I had the intention to sell it but I became a dumping area so I finally bagged it all and took it to a charity shop. In the last week or so I have done two tip runs! Eeekkk feels fantastic. Thanks Kirsty for the insperation xx All the best.

  2. Nice blog posts on the Minimalism Game! Glad this topic made me find your blog. I am just starting my second attempt at this challenge to start the new year with less clutter. A lot of the topics you write about resonate with me. Looking forward to reading more of your blog 🙂 Best wishes from Abu Dhabi.

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