Extreme Loyalty Is A Trauma Response

It's Time To Move On

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but extreme loyalty is a trauma response. Loyalty is thrown around as a positive thing without nuance. It’s used to manipulate people to stay in dysfunctional relationships. I’ll say this louder for the people at the back – EXTREME LOYALTY IS A TRAUMA RESPONSE! What do I […]

18 Things That I Wish I Known Before About Healthy Relationships


Here are 18 things I wish I knew decades ago about healthy relationships. 1) Fanastising and being attracted to other people is normal. YEP, I said it. I went there. Yes, I’m gonna piss some people off by saying it and I’m gonna say it anyway as I want to normalise this very normal thing […]

The Sisterhood Wound Runs Deep

The sisterhood wound runs deep

I haven’t written a blog post in almost 2 years and it’s been 3-4 years since I blogged consistently, but this is something I felt called to share. The sisterhood wound runs deep. Real deep. Betrayal, heartbreak, very conditional love, humiliation, competing, jealousy, judgment, and rejection all leave a scar. I remember being 17 and […]

True Love Means You’ll Have Boundaries

soulful living with kirsty dee

I really came to realise in the last year how true love means you’ll have boundaries. In all my relationships that flourish there is a lot of respect there and the ones that don’t flourish there is either no respect or I simply haven’t put boundaries in place (AKA I’m not respecting or honoring myself). […]

It’s OK To Be Bitter

Choose To Rise

It’s OK to be bitter. I don’t want you to be bitter but I want you to know if you are it’s OK and to some degree- super healthy. Sometimes things happen that will leave a sour taste in our mouth and that’s OK. It’s OK to be angry, hurt or even jealous. These emotions […]

Silent Survivors of Sibling Sexual Abuse

sibling sexual child abuse

After my letter to my younger self, I had an outpouring amount of messages from victims of child abuse. It was sad and yet beautiful. Sad because it shouldn’t happen, ever. Beautiful because people were opening up and I believe that’s where we start to heal. One woman after over a decade made a statement […]

A Letter To Myself On My 13th Birthday

it wasnt your fault

Dear Kirsty, Happy 13th birthday. I’m sorry this letter is late. I know your birthday was a couple of days ago, but truthfully although I’m 18 years older sometimes I just don’t know how to put something so important into words. I want to do this the justice it deserves, Β the justice you deserve and […]