So last week I started the minimalism game. I’m now on day 9 and so far so good. I’ve definitely getting rid of a lot of random junk and feeling much better for it.

Here is what I’ve got rid of in week 1.

Day 1: A laminator that I was supposed to give my friend back forever ago. We both forgot, she now has it back.

Day 2:  I actually gave away much more than two items, but it was a charity bag day and if you’ve watched my latest minimalism video you’ll know I always aim to give every charity bag something. If I feel I can’t that’s fine, but I always make a conscious decision to check. This was just filled with items my daughter had grown out of.

Day 3: Suntan lotion that was really out of date!

Day 4: Random stuff. A random pile of papers and magazines I no longer needed, sports bottle tops from bottles that seem to have vanished into thin air, a toothbrush holder, and an ornament I no longer want. I’m aiming to only keep ornaments I really love as it’s just more clutter and more polishing that I could do without.

Day 5: Manuals from when I trained in aerobics and old choreography from when I was an aerobics instructor. This is a classic example of me keeping stuff just in case.

Day 6: A hairbrush that has seen better days, a broken bracelet that I’d kept as liked (but seriously why do I keep broken things….), a toy that had seen better days after falling into the bath, and my kids are a bit old for as well. Finally some empty boxes I was keeping for display purposes for when I do NYR Organic parties, but it all honestly they just needed to go as I don’t think I’d ever used them for this. Just classic hoarding at its finest.

Day 7: Some out-of-date NYR catalogs.

Now onto week 2.

Happy minimalising x

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  1. Wow you are doing great! It’s important to surround yourself with things and people that give you something, instead of just taking away a piece of you (either time or nerves!). Good for you for sticking with your decision, I bet it’s not easy sometimes but it looks like you are on the right way 🙂

    1. Ah thanks. It’s not always easy but, I am loving it. Just trying to make minimalism more lifestyle rather just getting rid of things ☺

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