Wellness Is Not All Green Juices & Yoga

rewriting the wellness industry

I want to rewrite the wellness industry because wellness is not all green juices and yoga. Sometimes it’s pizza and bitching. It’s doing what needs to be done to release all the crappy thoughts you’re having. Sometimes that means saying screw it to the diet or admitting you don’t wanna forgive. It’s giving yourself permission to judge, rant and rave if that’s what needs to be done. I’m totally down with the fact judging can be very toxic and problematic and that we should all try to be a little less judgemental, but sometimes, it’s oh so enlightening to call out on the BS. Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for yourself is to not beat yourself up for not being able to stick to healthy eating.

I do green smoothies, and occasionally yoga (very very badly). I walk a lot and try not to binge on junk food, but the thing is I still do and that’s OK. Wellness and being healthy is not a one-way street. It has many detours.

Wellness is a commitment to self-compassion and love. Wellness is doing your best to be well, physically and emotionally. Β It’s doing the work. At times it feels euphoric and at times it feels draining. It’s the taking part that counts. I’m a constant student in the wellness and happiness scene. It comes and goes. Sometimes I’m on it and sometimes I lose my way.Β  I can feel great joy one day and despair the next. It’s all learning and it’s all good. I appreciate it all. I’m committed for life. Life will go on whether you’re happy or not. The days will go by whether you choose to live a healthy lifestyle or not. I’m committed to choosing a path of happiness, health, and wellness. Sometimes that means smoothies and running, sometimes it means ranting to a girlfriend and bingeing on sweets. The only thing that really matters is growth and progress. I have days where I take one step forward and ten back, but the truth is, it’s all OK. I needed to learn a lesson. When we feel we are going backwards, in reality, we never are, we are simply being forced to change direction. To deal with the undealt.

I ain’t your typical super fit, super skinny, crazy strong, and flexible wellness blogger. I ain’t a clean eating junkie although I desire to be. I’m just someone who believes wellness starts from within, and who likes to share my ‘crazy’ thoughts. My words of wisdom. To give to you all I have. To show you there is a way to live where you can be happy and healthy. Only it may not be what you think it will be, you have to tune in and write your own rules.

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