Extreme Loyalty Is A Trauma Response

It's Time To Move On

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but extreme loyalty is a trauma response. Loyalty is thrown around as a positive thing without nuance. It’s used to manipulate people to stay in dysfunctional relationships. I’ll say this louder for the people at the back – EXTREME LOYALTY IS A TRAUMA RESPONSE! What do I […]

Be Effective

Be Effective

It was a full moon, a full moon in Taurus It was an eclipse too and the moon woke me up In fact, she’d barely let me sleep When she has a message, she’ll shine so bright Roar so beautifully, she pulls you in And, a witch has a job to listen To answer the […]


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Here are 18 things I wish I knew decades ago about healthy relationships. 1) Fanastising and being attracted to other people is normal. YEP, I said it. I went there. You don’t need to beat yourself up if it ever happens to you. It doesn’t make you any less committed, any less in love, or […]


The sisterhood wound runs deep

I haven’t written a blog post in almost 2 years and it’s been 3-4 years since I blogged consistently, but this is something I felt called to share. The sisterhood wound runs deep. Real deep. Betrayal, heartbreak, very conditional love, humiliation, competing, jealously, judgment and rejection all leave a scar. I remember being 17 and […]

Believing In Yourself – Impostor Syndrome

Believe in Yourself & Choose To Rise

It’s so important to believe in yourself and know your worth. It’s an incredibly self-loving thing to do and it’s something nearly all of us need to work on. Impostor syndrome is something even the super successful deal with, where you doubt your abilities and think you’re going to be found out as a fraud. […]

True Love Means You’ll Have Boundaries

soulful living with kirsty dee

I really came to realise in the last year how true love means you’ll have boundaries. In all my relationships that flourish there is a lot of respect there and the ones that don’t flourish there is either no respect or I simply haven’t put boundaries in place. It’s something I have really struggled with […]

It’s OK To Be Bitter

Choose To Rise

It’s OK to be bitter. I don’t want you to be bitter but I want you to know if you are it’s OK and to some degree- super healthy. Sometimes things happen that will leave a sour taste in our mouth and that’s OK. It’s OK to be angry, hurt or even jealous. These emotions […]