What You Do Today Matters

What You Do Matters

What you do today matters. It all matters. The things you say, your actions, and whether you choose to rise up to the occasion. Sometimes I think I’m just a small fry and what could I possibly do?

The truth is, nobody is a small fry. All it takes is one person to take action to create change.

Oprah was recently talking about the women who put up on social media #MeToo and how they took action. She was spot on.  Those women weren’t silenced anymore. They made noise. A hella lot of noise and noise creates change.

Those little actions you take matter. Your voice counts so call truth on the bullshit, speak the truth when it matters. Fight for what you believe in and if someone in your life is taking the piss, tell them.

Create boundaries and stop getting pissed off when people act in a way that upsets you. Instead, do boundaries. What I’ve learned is if you’re a nice person, people take advantage.

That doesn’t mean you stop being a nice person it means you call them out on it and tell them that’s not OK. You tell them that they took the piss and then you place boundaries. You take responsibility.

You grow some balls and say when you’re not happy, because what you do today matters.

What You Do Today Matters

So speak the truth about the bullshit that’s going on in your life. Write down every tiny small thing you can think of that’s pissing you off. Even the stuff that you feel is insignificant and you’re just being daft about. Write it now. Write it all down now.

Then read it, learn from it, make a plan, and take action. Set your boundaries, raise some eyebrows if you have to, but stop sitting quietly on the stuff that’s eating away at your soul and causing you pain.

You don’t have to even verbally go to someone. Sometimes that’s not wise. Sometimes it’s very wise and you have to be brave and have a hard conversation. So be brave if you need to, but if it calls for a gentle approach you can just say what you want to say in a letter. When you’re done, burn the letter, but get it all out of your system.

Get all the toxic crap out of your system. Let your voice be heard. It could be a heart-to-heart with a loved one (especially if they think you’re pissed off because they didn’t help with laundry – when it’s in actual fact it’s because you don’t feel appreciated) and to the person, who just expects of you, you need to do something about that.

What you do affects your kids, the future, and everyone around you. So if you need to take action for your mental health, do it. If you need to work on your confidence, do it. If you’re scared to upset someone then grab a huge dollop of self-compassion because you’re hurting yourself. If you wanna pursue some dreams, make a plan.

What you do today matters, you matter, loadsa love,
Kirsty xx


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