You’re good enough. Actually, scrap that, you are so much more than good enough. You are brilliant, worthy, fabulous and so damn amazing. I know this because out of everyone who could have been born, you were. Infinitely unique you. Nobody else can be you. Nobody. We aren’t born to be anyone else. There are no mistakes. We are born to fully embrace and be ourselves. To love ourselves fully. We are much better humans when we do.


Loving yourself doesn’t mean you walk around thinking you’re better than anyone else. That’s not loving, that’s fear, the need to feel better than another. That is not love. I’m talking about the real deal. Actual self-love. The stuff that makes us have peace with where we are in life, our bodies and our past.

Self-love gives you the life you are so deserving of instead of spending so much time beating yourself up, having Mum guilt, not feeling worthy or comparing yourself to everyone online. Social media depression is an actual thing. Sad times, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can change that.

So if you’re up for joining me this September I’ve created #SelfLoveTember where I’m going to be dedicating the month to teaching real self-love. I’ll be sharing my tips and advice as well as talking about my own journey over on Instagram. I’ll also be throwing in some blog posts and videos to help you along the way, but what I really want is for you to join in and up your self-love game this September. To make a real conscious effort to really fall in love with yourself and be kind to yourself. Not loving yourself serves no one. If your a parent, your kids are watching how you treat yourself. Please be kind to you. It matters.

love yourself

Self-love is a ladder. I still have my hangouts, but as someone who overdosed as a teen, spent a long time with depression and anxiety and didn’t believe at one point I’d ever be any different I’ve learnt a lot. Learning to love me for me, healed me. I’m a better mum, wife, friend and everything else for it. I’m the kind of woman now who goes after exactly what I want. Nothing stops me, but once upon a time I was too crippled with fear and a lack of confidence to do that.  I didn’t work on creating the life I wanted because I didn’t believe it was even possible for a ‘normal’ person like me (what does this even mean? lol).

Now I know differently. Fulfilment, happiness and finding peace with your life right now is an inside job and the first step is loving yourself. So if you’re ready to climb the self-love ladder with me then it’s really easy. Follow me on Instagram @KirstyDeeShares and the hashtag #SelfLoveTember and make a conscious effort to up your self-love this September. Every day work on being actively kind to yourself. Say nice things about yourself. Tell your body you love it. Hating on it, won’t change it but will cause you emotional pain. Throw some exercise and healthy foods in the mix because love nourishes. Follow my tips and the advice that vibes for you, because self-love is doing what feels right for you not what someone on Instagram tells you. Get inspired. Look up the hashtag and see what others are doing. Better yet, get accountable and use the hashtag #SelfLoveTember yourself, invite a friend and share what you’re doing this September for self-love.

Whatever you decide to do this September, make sure your kind to yourself.


Kirsty xx

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